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Staff Announcements

Calls for Papers, website downtime, and other important information will be catalogued here.

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 This is the place to introduce yourself and get to know the people that are using Ellipsis....  One of the major goals of Ellipsis... is to create a community of peers, mentors, and like minded researchers.  Please try not to clutter this forum.

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Article Discussions

Want to post your views on articles in the journal?  Have another opinion or want to start a discussion on something said?  This is your forum.  Please keep your tone civil, remember: this is for discussion, possibly debate, but never argument.

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Research Related

  Stumped by something you are researching?  Looking for a specialist or someone knowledgeable in a certain area?  Not sure how to write or cite something?  Want to see if anyone else is researching something similar?  Ask here!

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 Got a question, suggestion, or thought on the Journal?  We prefer it be emailed to us at, but if you feel it is something worth discussing, post here.  We would love to hear what you are thinking.

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