Guidelines for Submissions

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Ellipsis... is an online peer reviewed journal for undergraduate research in the Humanities.  It invites scholarly original research and narratives on the research process from all branches of the Humanities to be submitted for consideration.  Ellipsis... seeks to engage Undergraduates in research and provide a place to share their findings in an interdisciplinary setting.


Guidelines and Standards for Submissions

I.   General Guidelines

  1.  For the purpose of Ellipsis..., “Humanities” refers to, but is not necessarily limited to: Art/ Art History, Aesthetic, Classics, Communications, Composition, English Studies, Ethnic Studies, Film Studies, Gender Studies, History, Linguistics, Literature, Music/ Music History, Philosophy, Popular Culture Studies, Rhetoric, Semiotics, Speech, Theatre, Theology, Theory, Women’s Studies.
  2.  “Research” constitutes original, scholarly work with inclusion of multiple source materials, preferably utilizing primary sources.  Papers submitted that are only based on tertiary sources will not be accepted.
  3.  As a journal for Undergraduate research, submitters should be students at an Undergraduate level of study or have graduated less than a year ago and be submitting work done as part of their undergraduate level.

a.     Submitters should be able to prove their undergraduate (or graduation) status if asked.


II.     Submission Guidelines

1.     Papers are required to be accompanied by an abstract of no more than 250 words.

a.     In addition, please download and include the coversheet, which along with basic information, asks for a professor’s/sponsor’s signature expressing knowledge that the work is your own.

b.     Please include your last name at the top right of each page (next to the page number).

2.     Papers should be written in English.  Papers written or including non-English language (e.g. Italian Literature) must be accompanied by an English translation and will be evaluated on case by case basis.

3.     Papers should follow the basic “twenty minute rule.” This means it should be able to be presented (read aloud) in less than twenty minutes.  This translates to between 10 and 15 pages.

4.     All submissions should be written following MLA format.

5.     Please format papers as a .doc, .docx, or .odt


Submissions should be emailed to: