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Volume Two: Fall 2012

Featuring articles covering archival studies, architecture, economics, gender studies, museum studies, literature and aesthetics.

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Mission Statement

*Adapted from Ellipses' "Manifesto for Scholarly Writing," this piece voices the spirit from which Ellipses was born; edited by Alexander Eakins and Jennifer Nunez

No longer should we be bound by former conceptualizations of past scholarly writing. New technologies call for new ways to engage in scholarly work that allows for honest perspective and bias. Too long have we been forced into the dry desert of the classroom to play the scales of antiquated and warped pianos long out of tune with current cultural demands.

Do no mistake the statement as dismissive; to understand the necessity for future scholarly work, a fundamental knowledge of its history forms a solid cliff from which to leap. In addition, valid supportive evidence must be researched and utilized; to jump off the cliff, we must first climb the mountain.

Nonetheless we must rehydrate the desert of dry, scholarly work with gallons of narrative that speak to our own personal histories, using the new technologies that inform these histories. Increased engagement and discourse on communication networks demand the language and dialect endemic to and informed by a media-driven culture, even as we take caution not to cast our humanity in digital shadows. Critical non-fiction that rises from technologies can no longer allow argument to subsume voice. The practice of reducing the author's voice in critical work in order to make a work "scholarly" cannot survive contemporary culture because it does not reflect contemporary culture.

Ellipses aims to redesign the tools to build critical work so that it becomes both a reflection of our present culture and the discourses that new technology demands.



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