Ellipsis... publishes papers in journal sets.  The most recent journal listing will always appear below, as well as in the first link to the left.

Three archives exist.  One and two allow you to search by journal volume, the third is an exhaustive list of all papers currently housed on the Ellipsis... website.


Current Volume

Volume Two: Fall 2012

Literature Studies:

“Thought for Food: Why Emma Would Rather Not Eat”

Natasha Rose Chenier, Concordia University, Quebec, Canada


Museum Studies:

“Installation and the Directed Experience”

Rachel Hutcheson, Virginia Commonwealth University, Virginia, US


Comparative Literature/Gender Studies:

“Changes in Gender Relations in Adaptations of ‘Beauty and the Beast’”

Kelci Harris, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, North Carolina, US


History of Economics:

“The Bretton Woods Economic System: Militaristic Peace through Monetaristic Stability ”

Nabeel Siddiqui, University of Southern Mississippi, Mississippi, US


Aesthetics/Book Studies:

“The Necessary Unification of Form and Content:

An Aesthetic and Linguistic Approach to Artists’ Books”

Bethany Anne Bradshaw, Abilene Christian University, Texas, US


Architecture Studies:

“Piano and Fuksas:

Transcending the Boundaries of Architecture in Rome”

Annabel Keenan, Emory University, Georgia, US


Archival Studies:

“I Wanted to Write an Essay:

William Carlos Williams and His Relationship with Editor David McDowell”

Benjamin Schweers, St. Mary’s University, Texas, US